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"It has been my privilege to work with all of you at

Southeastern Color. In this Internet and electronic age, it is all too easy to forget that quality printed material bespeaks an elegance and refined professionalism that all those blips and bleeps and bytes just can't hope to touch. Thanks again for your attention to a quality product, promptly delivered, and with such friendliness, too!  What an unbeatable package that is!  You're all just great people and the printing quality can't be beat. You have definitely helped our company look great."

Annette Mallory

Barnwell & Company

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"I don't think I can adequately convey to you and all of the Southeastern Color staff how much I appreciate all the hard work and creativity you put into my booklet. As I read through it, I see your care and conscientious effort in every detail. You treat this project with such devotion, and I take none of that for granted. Who else in the world would do that for me! I am so thankful to be able to do this venture in partnership with all of you."

 Paula Hooper

Athens, GA

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"It is quite easy to direct business towards you because you really do have an amazing team and you create a quality product. Tina is the best I have worked with in over 15 years, and you put it perfectly when you said that customers can often move to cruise control when working with her–that is exactly how I feel.

This is an especially important client and I wouldn't have chosen anyone else for the job! I appreciate all that you do to make the print process a pleasant and smooth experience. Thank you!"

Dana Callaway

Dana Callaway Design


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"Please thank everybody for me – the newsletter looked awesome and arrived in record time. Southeastern Color has NEVER let us down – it's amazing and all of you are, too. If there is one thing I have come to absolutely trust, it's the realization that Southeastern Color and all your staff will work hard for me, and that you all will do everything to help me find ways to save money!"

Donna L. Hand

Membership Administrator

Athens Country Club


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"I enclose a check to cover your fee for our Annual Report. It is intentionally in excess of the invoiced amount because of the outstanding work you and your people did in producing a high-quality Annual Report, on time.  On-time, high-quality production, at a reasonable cost, is hard to find in the printing industry today."

John S. Donovan



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“I called in the expert, you. The motorcycle safety brochure you created was a huge success and helped raise awareness to this increasing popular and important means of transportation. You all have done terrific work for us!”

Spencer Moore

Deputy Director

Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety


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“The brochures were a big hit, and it was due in large part to the beautiful print job. Let everyone involved know how much I appreciate all the careful attention that was given the pieces. It will be something we can be very proud to present to President Carter and all the other high profile participants at this conference.”

Mary Andrews

Senior Graphic Designer

UGA Public Affairs Publications

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“The cover on our new catalog looks terrific. I can’t wait to hear the comments we receive on this one. This is the best yet. A big thank you to everyone at Southeastern Color. I enjoy working with you all, and I am always so pleased with the results.”

Amy Milton

Sales Coordinator

Classic Groundcovers


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“Grady News (magazine) looks great! I’m very pleased with it. And I really appreciate your hard work in getting them out before the postal increase. Thanks again for a great job.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and Southeastern.”


Sherrie Whaley, Ph.D.

Assistant to the Dean for External Affairs,

Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication

University of Georgia


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"Whew!!!!!!!!! All of you are so awesome and great to us! Please thank everyone for me! I trust you guys so much!"

Donna Pahl

Athens Regional Foundation


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“As an experienced editor and graphic designer,

I demand perfection in the printing of all my books.

Nothing makes me happier than a beautifully crafted publication that is beautifully printed. Your team at Southeastern Color has delivered this perfection every time for 25 years. You are superb.”

Lorena Akioka

Editor and Senior Graphic Designer

Selig Center for Economic Growth

University of Georgia


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“We just got our largest single order to date as a result of the postcard. We have sold 21 orders for today and yesterday. Phone has run hot today with inquiries.

So far, I think the response is better than for magazine ads."

Dr. John Smeaton


Flextank Inc.

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